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Artists & Athletes

You have worked hard to achieve your dreams.  Let us help you plan for the future. Professional artists and athletes will likely earn millions of dollars throughout their career. However, there is no guarantee that their financial future is secure. Coming into a considerable amount of wealth brings with it many challenges. It is important that you establish a solid financial plan that will help preserve and grow your wealth well into the future. Careful tax planning, asset protection, proper risk management and estate planning can make a huge difference in a high-income and high-net-worth individuals financial success. An Assante Quebec advisor can assist you every step of the way.

Sep 24, 2020 10:09 EST - Stock Prices delayed by 20 minutes Source:
S&P/TSX 16264.29 +48.03
Dow Jones 26127.13 +64.45
S&P 500 2894.37 +7.64
NASDAQ 7854.17 +31.00
CAD/USD 0.75 -0.00
Oil (NY) 53.48 +0.22
Gold (NY) 1329.80 +0.50
Natural Gas 2.36 +0.00
CIX-T 21.26 +0.03