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RESPECT Canada Foundation

Assante Quebec is proud to sponsor the Foundation. 

PTSD is a significant challenge facing up to 8% of our Veterans who have been on active duty overseas. This debilitating illness results in depression and may deteriorate into family violence and even homelessness. The RESPECT Campaign has as its mission to raise awareness among Canadians to the needs of our veterans in tackling this issue.

You may have seen the RESPECT Campaign in action if you drive along HWY 40 in the West Island. Sales of RESPECT Banners made to businesses are funding important services helping our troops and veterans who are suffering following their deployments to places like Bosnia, Afghanistan, the Sudan and Congo.

Our troops and veterans need us. As business leaders we can make a difference and bring attention to their plight.

Fondation du Centre jeunesse de Montréal

Every year, hundreds of kids and teenagers under the supervision of Centre Jeunesse de Montreal don’t have the chance to rejoice during the holidays for many reasons including: family is financially unfit, family crises, abandoning the children at youth rehabilitation centres, parents unable to pickup their children for an outing or a family celebration.

This year, the Christmas committee of Fondation du Centre jeunesse de Montréal are undertaking considerable efforts so that the kids, whether young or old, may enjoy the Christmas celebrations. Assante employees are happy to donate gifts and financial aid to these children.

Federal Budget 2019

20 Mar 2019


On March 19, 2019, federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau tabled the Liberal government’s highly anticipated budget – the final one before the October 2019 election.

After accounting for Budget 2019 proposals, the budgetary balance is expected to show deficits of $14.9 billion in 2018-2019 and $19.8 billion in 2019-2020. Over the remainder of the forecast horizon, deficits are expected to decline gradually from $19.7 billion in 2020-2021 to $9.8 billion in 2023-2024.

The federal debt-to-GDP ratio is also expected to decline every year over the forecast horizon, reaching 28.6% by 2023–2024. Budgetary revenues are expected to increase by 6.7% in 2018-2019. Over the remainder of the forecast horizon, revenues are projected to grow at an average annual rate of 3.5%, in line with projected growth in nominal GDP.

There were no changes to personal or corporate income tax rates.

The following is a summary of tax changes announced in the budget. Please note that these changes are proposals until passed into law by the federal government. Click here to read more...


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