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Farming Professionals

Each family farm business is unique and no single approach works for everyone. It involves the creation, preservation and ultimately the transfer of the farm business assets in order to achieve personal, family and business goals. We understand that the family farm business (and therefore a succession plan) involves the interaction of people in the strong bonds of family, who make decisions affecting the farm business. We also recognize that the two main succession options are transferring the farm to a family member or selling it to a non-family member.  Succession planning is not easy for any business owner and can be even more challenging for farm owners. An Assante Quebec advisor can help guide you through the business choices you face. We specialize in reducing taxation on the sale of the family farm and the tax efficient transfer of the farm to the next generation, either during the lifetime of a farmer or through their estate. The Assante Ag Group is a national farm advisory group that assists Canadian farm families in the areas of tax planning, retirement planning and wealth transfer. Assante Advisors who are members of the Assante Ag Group, provide advisory services throughout Canada.

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