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Our Philosophy

The Assante Promise

1. Financial Snapshot:

Proper planning is required in order to attain your personal financial goals and lifestyle objectives. In this Snapshot we help you answer the following questions:

We summarize your current net wealth.

We review your lifestyle objectives and ascertain whether your accumulated wealth and projected future income streams will be sufficient to achieve your personal goals and lifestyle objectives throughout your lives.

2. Investment Portfolio Review

Is your present investment portfolio best suited to your goals? Is your asset diversification adequate? Is there a better investment available to you? Your Assante advisor in Quebec can answer these questions while ensuring that you maximize returns without taking on too much risk.

3. Insurance Analysis

Are you ready for all eventualities? Are you and your family protected against the unexpected? Your Assante advisor in Quebec can help you perform a complete review of your risk profile.

4. Tax Optimization Analysis

In the pursuit of performance, investors often overlook how much they lose to taxes. Ensure that you invest in the most tax effective way. An Assante advisor can help in pointing out tax-efficient investments.

5. Fee Analysis

Make sure you get the most service for the fees you pay. Your Assante advisor in Quebec will show you if you have any opportunities to save fees while receiving the level of service you deserve.

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